Beloved Essay

Topics: Psychological trauma, Posttraumatic stress disorder, Complex post-traumatic stress disorder Pages: 3 (981 words) Published: October 15, 2012
The effects of stress on a person’s life can be calamitous. It affects every part of a person’s body and makes them feel useless and alone. In essence, some stress every now and then in our lives is good, but an overwhelming amount of stress can be devastating. An example of overwhelming stress is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, also known as PTSD. This disorder occurs when someone is exposed to horrific events in their life causing them severe and ongoing emotional damage due to the extreme psychological trauma. In her novel Beloved, Toni Morrison describes the brutal effects of slavery. The novel follows the story of Sethe and her daughter Denver, as they try to rebuild their lives after they escaped from slavery. After reading the novel Beloved, one is led to believe that Sethe had PTSD because of the symptoms she showed. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a real illness. It happens when someone undergoes a traumatizing event like slavery, torture, war, rape and much more. Since people have differing levels of stress tolerance, one might get PTSD, while another may not, after experiencing the same event. We do not fully understand what causes PTSD, but we do know that psychological, genetic, physical, and social factors are involved. It causes the body to react differently to stress, by changing the stress hormones. It is believed that humans are sometimes incapable of handling vast amounts of stress, so they establish PTSD. John Schreiber states, Little thought is given to the subconscious by the vast majority of individuals on this planet.  It simply does what it is supposed to do.  But the reptile portion of our minds has a huge logic error in its design.  Nature knows about this error but, rather than fix it permanently, it adds a mechanism to account for this error.  When the subconscious detects that the error condition exists, it triggers this mechanism.  This mechanism changes the way the brain functions, and the symptoms that...
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