Beloning Essay Billy Elliot

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  • Published : October 7, 2011
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Through the analysis and exploring the text "happy feet" by Warren Coleman, Old foot by Roy Bradbury and Peter Skrzynecki poems (10 Mary street, Felix Skrzynecki) , a vast array of representation of the concept of belonging. The abundance of idea's from the text explore the concepts through it paradoxes and it's thesis. Firstly, in Felix Skrzynecki the father figure is describe as a self sufficient person "my gentle father/the joneses of his own minds making" this can be back up later as we learn he has made no attempt to learn he has made no attempt to learn English. "He swept in its path 10 times around the world" Felix pride of his home and the attachment that is portrayed. The house belong to him. "Remnants of a language i inherited unknowingly" this is a representation his cultural background which he has always felt a bitterness of not fully belonging. The poem also shows the father and son relationship growing apart as Peter losses his word this can be link to Peters loss of his Polish heritage earlier. Secondly, the sense of belonging can be different from person to person. In the film happy feet Warren Coleman uses singing and dancing to convey his message about belonging In the society of the penguins belong by singing. It is very important to them as it defines their rank as an individual and also help find a mate. The penguin call it their "heart song" which is a unique sound to attract a mate, but Mumble could not sing but instead, he dances. Throughout the film Mumble was an outcast because he couldn't sing and insist on dancing. But no matter how hard Mumble tries to sing to belong with other penguins he can't. Many camera techniques the reinforces the idea of not belonging, as the panning of the camera through the contrast of Mumble not belonging as it gives the viewer Mumble's outcast. As the music fades in the distance Mumble turns around in despair which symbolises Mumbles inability to belong. Mumble has a different talent he dances. This was...
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