Belongng Speech Notes Strictly Ballroom/Breath/Man from Iron Bark

Topics: Baz Luhrmann, The Bulletin, Miles Franklin Pages: 1 (273 words) Published: February 1, 2011
Hey everyone, welcome to Byron Bay I am here to talk to you about the concept of belonging. Belonging is in no way a new concept, A.B Patterson was depicting it in the know well known poem “The Man From Ironbark”, which was first published in the Sydney bulletin way back o the 17th of December 1892. In a more contemporary text the concept of belonging comes out in Tim Winton’s “Breath” a Miles Franklin Literary Award winning novel. Another contemporary text that explores the concept of belonging is Baz Luhrmann’s 1992 film “Strictly Ballroom”

A Country yokel trying to fit with the Sydney crowd.
“‘Ere shave my beard and whiskers off. I’ll be a man of mark. I’ll go and do the Sydney toff up home in ironbark” Cruelly victimised for his efforts when in the fourth stanza the barber played a joke on him, making him think his bloomin’ throat was cut.

Pike is a loner and he and his mate loonie want to break in with the surfy crowd (angelus crew) to achieve this they befriend a local seasoned guru who is respected by the crowd, but he is aloof and dismissive of the crowds.

Uses costume and lighting well to convey the concepts of belonging, with the people who belong to the world of ballroom dance are all dressed in in your face flashy glamorous clothes and make up and those who don’t belong have bad skin and bland boring unflattering clothes. And Scott’s dad Doug is always shown in the shadow and the background showing that he doesn’t belong.
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