Belonging to Culture

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  • Published : December 1, 2012
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People feel a strong sense of belonging to their culture. This is seen in the film ‘Bend It Like Beckham’ by Gurinder Chadha. The main scenes that portray this statement are the engagement scene, pre-wedding scene and the wedding scene. This statement is also shown in the related text ‘Integrated’ by Sylvia Kantaris. In the film, various techniques are used such as long shots, full shots and panning. In the related text the techniques used are a metaphor, listing, contrast and emotive words. In the film ‘Bend It Like Beckham’ the engagement scene starts off with a long shot of the outside of Jessminder’s house. The house is decorated with lights and lighting is a technique used to make the house stand out. After that there is a high angle/close up shot of the food. The foods are colourful and bright. Bright colours are festive and symbolises happy occasions. Costume is another technique. Everyone is wearing the same sort of clothing and they are colourful. This shows that they belong to the Indian culture. The full/long shot of the room and the people sitting next to each other shows sense of belonging to their culture. This scene also explores gender roles. The males were sitting down, eating and talking to others whilst Jess was walking around offering food to the guests. A woman tells Jess “it will be your turn soon.” This means that she is expected to marry an Indian man just like every other Indian woman. These values and traditions are aspects of their Sikh Indian culture and Jess is expected to follow them. People feel a strong sense of belonging to their culture. We also see this in the pre-wedding preparation scene. In this scene we see everyone sitting together again. Gender roles are explored in this scene as well. All the women are sitting next to each other around a table making samosas. A full shot is a technique used in this scene. This shows belonging to their culture because they are all celebrating harmoniously. There are alternations used...
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