Belonging Speech

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Abraham Maslow, Happy Feet Pages: 4 (1392 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Belonging. We’ve all heard this term mentioned somewhere, but do we really know how much of our life consists of it? Good Afternoon teachers and students I so and so will be conveying my message of how belonging is an essential element in human existence as it sets the very foundation of a persons identity and character. Whether or not a strong sense of belonging is acquired solely depends on the individual and the surroundings he/she is in. Some people find the need to belong more than others but the need is nevertheless there. I will be explaining this concept through my visual representation, which I have chosen to do as a life cycle. This is the life circle of a hibiscus flower. I’ve chosen to do it this way because I thought it would best represent how belonging is a fundamental for our existence.

We start off with the first picture, which is a small beige coloured seed hidden in the dirt. This seed represents our beginning as an unborn child hidden safely in our mother’s womb. When you’re a seed theres certain things you belong to. The strongest sense of belonging would be towards the mother, as she is not only your carrier but she is a vital source for your very existence. She is your sanctuary, your home for the first 9 months give or take of your life. Then the seed has a sense of belonging to the awaiting family, which in our case for the seed is the environment it’s in. It also belongs to the unknown and the future, as it doesn’t know what its life path will be as it grows, or if it will even grow or not. Not all seeds make it, as some die or get washed away. Similarly for us, we can have miscarriages or abortions. Although it was only a seed, we will feel like a part of us is gone because of the sense of belonging we felt towards it and it not being there anymore. We all were a seed once and that’s what bounds us together that belonging towards the seed before life. Some people like us believe the seed is given to us by God, while others just...
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