Belonging: Short Story and Rabbit Proof Fence

Topics: Short story, The Culture, Family Pages: 2 (642 words) Published: April 19, 2011
Relationships and experiences shape an individual’s sense of belonging A sense of belonging can be created by the experiences and relationships of individuals. These different aspects of belonging were expressed in the play Rainbow’s end and the movie Rabbit Proof Fence respectively and also in the short story neighbors by Tim Winton.

A sense of belonging can be shape by the strong relationships between the cultures, family and experiences shape sense of belong even more important to the people. In rainbow’s end, the ideas of the strong relationships between the family members and alienation form the white society are shaped by using various techniques base on three characters’ living in a white society. The director Jane Harrison uses dialogues to emphasize the strong family relationships between Nan, Gladys and Dolly by showing the experience of Dolly’s rejection of Errol’s proposal. As she said,” But….. a real home? A real home is where there are other people looking each other. This is my place. I’m staying right here with my mum and my Nan.” The quotation is indicating the importance of family for Dolly and the family bonds between them is unbreakable by the outside forces. And their sense of family gives them strength and faith which are needed to overcome various types of hardship.

The encyclopedia series symbolize the key of successes in the white society as they are able to empower Dolly’s achievement by reading them and indicate the obstacles that Gladys breaks down as she works extra shifts and purchases through time payment. However, encyclopedia is also a symbol of the broken dreams and emphasize the difficulty of overcoming the obstacles after the flood destroy the encyclopedia.

The ideas above are also shown in the movie, rabbit proof fence. Use of long shot and high angle when Molly and Dansiy are walking in the desert which illustrate the insignificants of them compare to the endless desert thus to tell the audiences the relationship...
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