Belonging: Short Story and Connection

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  • Published : July 29, 2010
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The concept of belonging is one that is constantly explored. The idea of the various types of belonging and not belonging is represented through the presence or absence of connection. Many types of texts are used to clearly highlight this belief. These include the book 'Rainbow's End', the short story 'The ride of Zhu Bao Sheng' and the short film 'The story of bubble boy'. These three texts explore the concept of belonging in multiple ways through the use of numerous techniques. These techniques effectively and thoroughly highlight the importance of connections and the absence of connections and how they affect a sense of belonging.

'Rainbow's End' is a story written by Jane Harrison. It tells of the struggles for an Aboriginal family living in Australia and their fight to belong. They do not belong in the white Australian society as the two cultures share no connection. Rhetorical question and exclamation are used in the line 'a black contestant? I'd like to see that!'. The use of these techniques effectively demonstrates the absence of connection between the Aboriginal family and the white people due to differences in culture and appearance. Without this connection between Australians and Aborigines, Dolly and her family are unable to feel a sense of belonging in a society that isn't of their own culture. The use of ellipsis is another technique used in the story to prove how connection or the absence of connection is used to represent belonging. In the line 'sometimes you have to move on. Leave things behind...' Nan dear's feelings of loss and regret of things she cherished and connected with, such as her home, are shown. Nan dear possesses a deep connection with her previous home and felt a strong sense of belonging to her Aboriginal heritage. This strong connection with her Aboriginal culture, also results in her disconnection with the Australian society, and the fact that she is unable to belong. Another technique used to convey the importance...
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