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  • Published : October 16, 2012
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The term Belonging can be defined as a sense of identity found through the process of feeling accepted or understood.Whilst not belonging can be defined as the feeling of being disconnected and isolated. Through the examining of relationships between Language and text , this notion of Belonging is evident. Peter Skrzynecki’s Poetry in “Immigrant Chronicle”, specifically “St Patrick’s College” and “Felkis Skrzynecki” and Boaz Yakin’s film “Remember the Titans” both portray the concepts of belonging and not belonging . Done through a focus on Connections with the environment , society , reality and family.


Technique |Example |Link Back | |The title , used to foreshadow the setting of the poem |“St Patricks College “ |There for indicates Not belonging to be found in a high school institution. | |Employs sarcasm and symbolism | |to show a lack of connection to his school | |Through the use of a bitter tone , Skrzynecki states.. |“Sticking pine needles into my motto: |this symbolises resentment and not belonging to surrounding environments as Skrzynecki disrespects a foundational aspect of his college . | |Through first person , Peter Skrzynecki applies sarcastic humour in conjunction with a mocking tone , where he states .. |“Luceat Lux Vestra , I thought was a brand of soap” |here the audience is able to see how Skzynecki Depicts detachment to the institution, as he vividly Mocks the school motto and its meaning . | | from this it is evident that belonging and not belonging are contributed by a disconnection to surrounding environments .

P2 : Within Skrzynecki poetry , feelings of belonging may be enriched or limited through the REALITY OF SURROUNDING SOCIETIES.

Technique |Example |Link Back | |Through a RESENTFUL TONE , Skrzynecki employs religious allusion as he states ... |“Our lady above still watching : |this...
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