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Belonging assessment task HSC 2013|
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What is Belonging?
Below are some various dictionary definitions of the word: belonging and the Australian Oxford Dictionary classifies the word ‘belong’ as: 1. (followed by to)
a) Being something someone owns eg This is my hat
b) Being given something to do eg A school assignment – (A duty that is given to complete within a set time- it is my right to do this - I am now a part of this assignment – as far as my character, I haven’t been motivated In the past but I am motivated now) c) I am a valuable MEMBER of society because I have a lot to offer in terms of my generosity 2. Have the right personal or social qualities to be a member of a particular group (followed by in, under) a) Be put in the right position that suits your abilities. b) Able to fit in a particular environment ie a team.

Belongness: (Noun) – ORIGIN: MIDDLE English from intensive BE + longen ‘belong’ related to Old English gelang ‘at had’ ‘together with’ The New Oxford Thesaurus of English
Belonging: a noun which is a naming word - players on a football team makes each individual player feel like there is a connection, an attachment, a feeling of rapport, uniting together, being in a partnership. Opposite: alienation – to alienate is to tell to get lost Belong: verb – a doing word –

1. The grape belongs in the bunch. The grapes stand alone in the bunch, they are included in the bunch, they don’t stand alone in the bunch, and they are one within the group. 2. The soccer player doesn’t belong in the basketball team. Belong to

1. The car doesn’t belong to thief, it belongs to me. Talking about...
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