Belonging Poem

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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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Creative writing -
‘’ no one likes to be excluded ‘’
There is a clear distinction between the appearance of belonging and the reality of an internal struggle. About a year ago I went to an all girls public high school for about 3 years. When I enrolled I was very keen to meet new people, have new friends and was beyond excited to show everyone how outgoing I can be. I started at this new school and within a week I had made a group of friends to sit and hang out with, a term went by and it honestly had felt like I have known these girls for a very long time, I felt like I can relate to them in so many ways and we would understand each other with certain things. We did so much things together like go out for dinner, tell each other secrets, take so many memorable pictures with each other and go parties together. Unfortunately after thinking this friendship will last a long time and everything would be just fine and thinking everyone loved me for who I am and seeing what I’m really like it all began to change. As I started to notice close friends drifting away from me and a lot of girls that I would usually talk to stopped giving me attention, I would walk past them in the playground and not even get a ‘’ hello ‘’ I would just receive a straight death stare. It all started to bother me. I started to wonder what it was that I had done, did I hurt anyone? Did I do anything bad?. A week went by and i had started to sit alone every day , in classes, lunch breaks, and recess, not one girl wanted to speak to me or even be around me , i started to feel excluded and not wanted, every time i walk into class the room felt so awkward and full of tension. Later on during the week, i was having lunch alone under the shelter until a group of girls approached me in an aggressive way and told me to stand up , i stood up and they said ‘’ what makes you think its okay for you to talk behind the girls backs the way you did '' i looked at them not knowing what they were talking...
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