Belonging-Peter Skrzynecki

Topics: Poetry, Feeling, Maroubra, New South Wales Pages: 3 (960 words) Published: October 18, 2011
English Belonging Essay #1

The concept of belonging indicates a sense of connection and similarities with ones surroundings, encouraged through enduring relationships and comfort zones. With the absence of such feelings ‘belonging’ is replaced by alienation, accompanied by an emotional detachments from ones surroundings. Understanding these connections and surroundings nourishes rather than prevents these feelings. In Peter Skrzynecki’s poem “St.Patricks College” and “10 Mary Street” the connections with his surroundings are explored. They are explored through the environments and culture he grows up in. In the 2007 movie “Bra Boys” directed by Sonny Abberton and Macario De Souza the concepts of the landscape, culture and alienation are explored through their connections to the environment they are in.

“St.Patricks College” reflects on the poet’s time at school, revealing his feelings of separation from his surroundings and his mother’s aspiration for him to have a good education. The direct speech “What was best” and “Two fees and expenses” illustrate his mother’s determination for her son to have a good education. In the last stanza “Wasn’t for the best” once he goes through his schooling, juxtaposes what his mother originally thought. In stanza 2 the metaphor “Our lady watched” provides the reader with a sense of comfort, which the school community also feels, but the opposite of Peter Skrzynecki’s feelings, revealing his separation from his surroundings. The personal possessive pronoun “Our” at the beginning of the line reflects the community’s comfort.

The time and direction are explored right through out the poem with the repetition of “For eight years” this re-enforces to the readers that his school life was a large part of his life. The imagery of “Playing chasings up and down” creates a feeling of kinetic energy showing his progression at school and shows the connection Peter Skrzynecki has to the school. The schools environment feels very...
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