Belonging Narrative

Topics: Family, Train station, Hotel Pages: 3 (1110 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Belonging/ not belonging Narrative
Hard times/ difficulty and starvation was what this family had been suffering almost their entire life. This was due to the fact that job opportunities were almost flat and not enough money was available to meet the demands of this typical house. Although war wasn’t going on in the home country but most of the country’s population lived in a low standard house where there wasn’t even clean water available to the residents and crimes being committed was on the rise and safety started to become an issue. As a consequence Geoff had to make an extremely hard decision whether if he wants to stay living in these painful conditions or leave back his wife marry who was regarded in the family as a strong woman who could cope with hard time and a 2 year old daughter and search for a more desirable place. Months of deep thinking have passed through and subsequently Geoff was determined to leave the country and improve his quality of life but before that could happen ensured his daughter and wife live close with other members of the family in a safe place due to the fact of crimes being in the rise. Afterwards he had no choice but to leave. Geoff packed his bags and in the early morning when it was freezing Geoff decided to take himself to the train station which wasn’t a far walk from his house. His wife and daughter walked him to the train station. Minutes later the train arrived and he had to say goodbye but didn’t want to express his feelings in front of his wife and daughter. He got on board of the train and couldn’t stop think about marry and deep inside he was miserable and worried as he is leaving behind a family with no support and due to the fact that there wasn’t enough security in the country. The train was really old and no seats were available at all so the passengers were sitting on their luggage. The train was heading to the far coast where these people could actually board a ship a leave to another country which was...
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