Belonging: Mind and Unpolished Gem

Topics: Mind, Family, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 1 (319 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Paragraph 1: (Perception of belonging and not belonging to people) "Unpolished Gem"
· perception of Belonging to family member(unpolished Gem): the bond and the strong connection between Alice and Grandmother is one of life's most enduring and unbreakable bond. "tell me a story...My grandmother was possessed of a form of magic, the magic of words that became movies in the mind." Alice uses a metaphor to convey the skills that grandmother's anecdotes passed over Alice and her youthfull imagination that developed Alice's passion of storytelling. ·perception of Not belonging to family member(unpolished Gem): Mother felt isolated because Grandmother and the family treats her like a slave. Mother and grandmother did not have a storng comunication which led to hostility and strong alienation."This family treats me like a servent." the composer uses a simile to help the reader understand the sad and painfull feelings of lonelines. Also its show how difficult it is to live like a servant without a strong kinship connection. ·Perception of belonging to family member(MBFGW): the solidarty and loyalty between Ian and Toula helped toula to escap her sadness and enjoy her live, also Ian positivly changed when he met Toula."Because i came alive when i met you.". The director uses figurative language which conveys the colsseness and love between Toula and Ian,the Love that crosses their cultural differences. It also conveys how much Toula has had a positive change in Ian's life. ·Perception of not belonging to family member(MBFGW): the distant between Toula, Nicko and Gus command the rejection even though Gus loves them and provides for them but he doesnt really know what they want or what's in their mind.Gus's body language and the lack of eye contact as nick tries to show him his art for the new menus shows the disaccapting and disconnecting with his children that prevent the honestly in their relationship.
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