Belonging in Romulus My Father and Looking for Alibrandi

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  • Published : August 11, 2011
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Belonging in Romulus my father and looking for alibrandi:
Belonging represents the need for individuals to find their identity and place within a society. This results in the growth of individuals and their understanding of the world around them. Through reading the novels, "Romulus, My Father" and "Looking for Alibrandi", we are helped to get a better understanding of the concept of belonging, belonging to a country, belonging to family, and belonging to a racial group. As well as the struggles of not belonging and being an outcast because of race. "Romulus, My Father", written by Raimond Gaita, is a true story about Raimonds father, Romulus. Gaita explores the concepts of belonging to a family, belonging to the Australian landscape, and not being accepted because of the fact that Romulus was an immigrant. We belong when we feel connected to others and the world. Romulus found it hard to fit in when he arrived to Australia. This is understandable as immagration invariably involves detachment, loneliness and isolation. His first two years in Australia saw him working for the government, isolated from his family. Romulus did not physically belong to the community due to his appearance, "everybody noticed his eyes, almond-shaped, hazel and intense." Colour imagery is used here to contrast the lighter colours of the stereotypical Australian. Romulus was embaressed about his dark complexion, "he called himself gipsy and later in Australia, an Aborigine". We see here that Romulus changes his story, in a plea to belong to a community or environment. Romulus doesn't dwell over the isolation he feels, instead he has "come to accept what fate dealt him". He feels he is not owed anything better then what he currently has. As time progresses and members of the community realise the blacksmithing and handyman skills he has, he earns respect. It was because Romulus treated everyone with great respect that he was eventually accepted and finally felt a sense of belonging....
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