Belonging Hsc Esl English Two Texts of Study.

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  • Published : October 1, 2012
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Q: Answer how the concept of belonging is expresses though out the texts you studied. Belonging is a subjective concept that can encourage feelings of security, happiness and acceptance. A sense of belonging shapes our identity and can emerge from relationships and experiences. In the Poem 10 Mary Street by `Peter Skrzynecki` and the short story `All Summer in a Day` by Ray Bradbury reveal the importance of relationships and experiences in the emergence of a sense of belonging. Home is a place central to relationships and therefore family and a sense of belonging. In the poem both sense of belonging and no-belonging the Skrzynecki`s felt are revealed. Peter opens the poem nostalgically, `for nineteen years` and `each morning` in a repetitive way that reinforces a regular, comfortable and homely existence. The adjectival phrase, `under a rusty bucket` represents the longevity of their time living in the house which suggests a place where they feel they belong and are secure as they hide the key under a bucket. Moreover, the simile `like adopted children ‘reveals the effort and devotion of the poet`s parents to their special children. The description of the house, painted in a `china-blue coat` suggests protection from a harsh environment. However their ability to feel a lasting sense of safety is taken away by the council`s decision to pull down the house, thus we see that while belonging is attached to places of significance, it can be impermanent and affected by forces beyond our control. The communal haven of togetherness, ‘we lived together` characterizes the author`s firm connection with his family. Thus we see that belonging amongst people with similar experiences and relationships is illustrated through positive allusions, using, `head discussions and embracing gestures`. Consequently, the ironic use of `citizens of the soil` suggests they belong to their house and garden but not to Australia. Moreover a shift in perspective occurs, as the...
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