Belonging: Homing Pigeon and Post Card

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  • Published : February 25, 2011
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"Belonging is a struggle" discuss this statement to reference to the prescribed text and at least 2 text of your choosing.

Human nature can be a complex mixture of thoughts, feelings and actions. Being human we have a tendency to feel emotions, most which surround the defying need of inclusion. The need to be loved, the need of acknowledgement and even more essential the need to belong are all unavoidable connections involved in human nature. After studying the concepts of belonging the statement which is to be explored, ‘the need to belong marks us as human and it is such connections that lead to fulfilment,’ shows many forms of truth. It is this truth, the necessity of belonging, that can be clearly displayed in almost every part of the human life and hence shown in several forms of texts such as; Peter Skryznecki’s poems from his book ‘Immigrant Chronicles’, Dave Pelzer’s painful autobiography ‘A Child Called IT’ and Torey Hayden’s novel ‘Ghost Girl’. Peter Skryznecki’s book Immigrant Chronicles contains the poems, ‘Migrant Hostel’, ‘Post Card’ and ‘In the Folk Museum.’ Migrant Hostel uses the metaphor ‘nationalities sought each other out,’ ‘like a homing pigeon circling to get it bearings.’ This simile notes how the captives at the migrant hostel felt a sense of belonging through their common qualities with others who shared their nationality and birth places. They felt guarded and secure in a group amongst others who were like them in some way. To compare the nationalities to homing pigeons is a well thought analogy as pigeons not only stick it groups but ‘homing’ pigeons are flocking to one certain place, one which people may refer to as a ‘home.’ The same concept can be seen in Torey Hayden’s novel ‘Ghost Girl’ through the quote ‘It’s scary isn’t it being all alone? ''   but you’re not there are many others just like you.’ Following this quote, Jadie, a little elective mute girl, finally spoke as she felt safe knowing that she was not alone and that she...
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