Belonging Essay

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  • Published : February 29, 2012
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Your perception of belonging can be shaped by your surroundings and community which can impact on whether you are isolated to the point of conformity.. This is determined by the individual which either leads them to adapt-which offers them safety, security and feelings of acceptance or to feel outcast and ostracised. In Ray Bradbury The pedestrian and in Peter Skrzynecki’s poem Felik Skrzynecki examine how individuals are pressured to conform to the norms and expectations of society, however a lack of it can also cause alienation. Our surroundings impact on our sense of belonging. In the short story The Pedestrian, Mr Mead has “been walking for 10 years” which confirms the connection he feels with the nature because it offers him safety and security. Mr Mead compares the city to “windless Arizona desert with no houses in a thousand miles and only dry river beds, the streets, for company.” This metaphor invokes a visual image of how Mr Mead imagined the streets to be when he walked at night because he enjoyed to be accompanied by nature, in juxtaposed with contrast with the “tomblike buildings” and “sudden gray phantoms” that were in fact reality in his community. Felix Skrzynecki tried but failed to assimilate into Australian society. It is shown through the rhetorical question from the department clerk “dancing bear grunts: did your father ever attempt to learn English” the outside pressure to conform effects migrants such as Feliks himself to leave his individuality to become someone he’s not. The tone of the clerk is scornful and critical of his father’s lack of speaking English which brings difficulty to Feliks in feeling accepted. Feliks “loved his garden like an only child” the simile shows the content, safety and security the garden gives Feliks unlike the society in which he is thought of as an outcast. Therefore this reveals the solidarity between Feliks and the nature as it is referred to as only child. A child is valued, cared for and important;...