Belonging Essay

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  • Published : July 17, 2011
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Belonging is a matter of choice
Belonging is something we are all entitled to, but is not something that we are necessarily allowed to choose, but deep down in each and every individual we have an innate drive to belong/not belong to something or someone. We may have a sense of belonging in one area, but not so much in the other, so we can see that to belong, we must act. We discover that being isolated and alienated is an easy thing to happen, but we can find an alternative path to avoid this by choosing the path that is most comfortable and more enjoyable for the individual, and by this we can belong, but sometimes, moving house, school or being with someone you don’t like enhances the fact of not belonging as not a choice.

Belonging itself cannot be a choice as we discover in such novels like ‘Romulus My Father’ by Raimond Gaita and ‘The Stranger’, by Albert Camus. We can see that it wasn’t their choice to leave Yugoslavia from the quote on their way to Frogmore. “We packed up and went to Frogmore, neither speaking to the other, each absorbed in his own grief and remorse.” From this quote we see that they are devastated from what they have had to do, the 4 year old Raimond having to deal with so much in such a short period, along with Romulus and Christine. We can feel the disbelief in the characters choice of words, as they feel they shouldn’t be there and should be back in Yugoslavia, by this we can see that belonging ISN’T a matter of choice.

‘The Stranger’, by Albert Camus, represents a man who does not feel any condition to anyone or anything. Meursault seems not to have a sense of emotion for the occurring actions in his life, and as a result, Camus pictures him as a senseless man. Many people in society go through life-breaking crisis that takes them several weeks even months to get over, meanwhile Meursault goes through some of the most immense problems during his life, yet he shows little emotion toward his reality. The novel...
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