Belonging Essay

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  • Published : November 19, 2010
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‘Belonging’ Essay
To a certain extent the different groups we belong to define who we are, however there are times when a certain group can separate you from belonging. Being accepted within a group defines who you are as you share similar qualities and morals, making it easier to be socially accepted and create relationships. On the other hand, you can physically belong to a group but not always emotionally belong as your individual beliefs create a barrier to belong. ‘Belonging’ is defined as ‘the right personal or social qualities to be a member of a particular group’ or to ‘fit a particular environment’. The themes and issues explored in Peter Skrzyneckis poems include filial relationships highlighted in the poem ‘Feliks Skrzyneckis’ who creates a place to belong in his garden. In addition, the lack of spirituality and religion affects his place in belonging as a student in the poem ‘St Patrick’s College.’ Additionally, this poem also explores his physical existence within the school; however there are clear divisions in him not belonging. The related texts reviewed include ‘The Arrival’ (Shaun Tan, 2006) graphic novel which illustrates a visual story of an immigrant who leaves home to create a better life for his family and the play ‘Away’ (Michael Gow, 1993). Thus it may be ascertained, that belonging defines who we are.

In the poem of ‘Feliks Skrzyneckis’ Peter Skrzynecki explores filial relationships. This issue is highlighted between Feliks and Peter Skrzynecki, a cultural barrier exists between them as a result of their different cultural backgrounds, education and a generation gap. Feliks observes this tragic gap developing which is revealed in the simile “After that, like a dumb prophet, watched me pegging my tents” (stanza 7, lines 5-6) this reinforces the poet’s feelings of isolation and distance from his parent’s heritage. Feliks is powerless to speak out about his son’s movement away from him through his lack of English language. He is...