Belonging Essay

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  • Published : March 25, 2013
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How do your texts explore the nature of true belonging?
Many texts convey the true nature of belonging as bringing repercussions, resulting in consequence. Also suggested in many texts is the idea of a strong sense of identity leads to the attainment of true belonging. Selected poems from Peter Skzrynecki’s “Immigrant Chronicle,” Noel Gay’s play “Me and My Girl” and Michael Radford’s film interpretation of Shakespeare’s “Merchant of Venice” all portray the idea of belonging requiring sacrifice and necessitating a strong sense of identity. Peter Skzrynecki’s poems depict the idea that one individuals belonging may be at the expense of another’s. Peter conveys his parents’ sacrifice of his belonging in order for them to attain true belonging. His father is portrayed as truly belonging to his culture and being content, in a way the poet feels he has never experienced. This is clearly demonstrated in Feliks Skzrynecki, where the poet suggests envy of his father. “Happy as I have never been” suggests while Peter may have a level of belonging to Australia, he never had the same level of belonging or contentment as his father who, through the creation of his polish enclave, among other things, has attained true belonging. This true belonging is achieved through what the poet perceives a sacrifice of his own chance of belonging. St Patrick’s College also illustrates the poet’s belief that his mother’s actions had resulted in negative consequences for him. The poet conveys his cynical view of his mother’s actions, when he says “wanting only ‘what was best’” clearly portraying the differences in the two generations ideas of true belonging. Skzrynecki also conveys his lack of belonging in the poem, contrasting the routine with which he undertook every school day “for eight years” against his true feelings about it, “ a foreign tourist.” This comparison portrays his overall feelings of the lack of belonging to Australia. The portrayal that an individual’s true...
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