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  • Published : March 2, 2013
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Sam Zammit English Essay Task 1 Term 4 HSC
As an individual grows the end result is a person’s identity or sense of self. An individual’s perception of belonging is built upon their personal experiences and the affiliations they have forged within their own world. Experiences and relationships fabricate one’s personality and identity including their choice to belong, or not to belong. William Shakespeare’s As You Like It and Anh Do’s The Happiest Refugee delve into how belonging through relationships and the development of individual autonomy is influenced by personal, cultural, and social contexts, as the characters strive to identify what constitutes their own personality and sense of belonging to people and community.

The relationship an individual has with others is immensely vital to whether they believe they have obtained a sense of belonging and the development of their identity. Shakespeare demonstrates Celia and Rosalind’s inseparable natures of constantly needing to be together through his allusion “And wheresoe’er we went, like Juno’s swans, still we went coupled and inseparable.” This need to belong is emphasised in the simile “like Juno’s swans,” as in roman mythology Juno swans are life partners. This sense of belonging to each other is further reinforced quite simply with the adjectives “coupled” and “inseparable”. These swans become an extended metaphor, which is also employed as a symbol of freedom, ironic as it represents the relationship of the banished pair. This freedom is a Positive Interaction with one another and thus helps to gain a wider perception and understanding of their identities of belonging.

Relatively, experiences you are involved in can shape your identity and removing the need for external control. In Do’s novel when the community of Vietnamese boat refugees are attacked for the second time in a matter of hours by pirates on the high seas, pathos is employed to demonstrate this horrific life experience. “Suddenly guns...
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