Belonging English Speech

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Belonging English Speech


Belonging is a fundamental part for all individuals in which we strive for acceptance and security through others. Understanding is a main part of feeling like you belonging. Individuals belong when they fell connected to others and the world. However to do this they must first have an understanding and acceptance of self which will nourish their sense of belonging. A lack of understanding of the concept of belonging and yourself leads to preventing your identity, relationships, acceptance and ultimately belonging. The concept of the understanding of belonging is shown in my three texts: Swallow the air – Tara Jane Winch, Rabbit Proof Fence – Phillip Noyce and So Much to Tell You – John Marsden.


In Swallow the Air, persona May Gibson shows a lack of understanding in herself and therefore feels she does not belong. As soon as her mum commits suicide at the beginning of the novel May has trouble belonging, “When mum left I stopped being Aboriginal I stopped feeling like I belonged. Anywhere”. May has lost her security in her culture and identity. Costa the curry will tell u too link this back to understanding nourishes belonging

The name of the first chapter ‘swallow the air’ demonstrates May’s loss of belonging. The title is a metaphor of her disconnection to others, the community and her sense of belonging. She is not physically drowning in water she is drowning in pain and sorrow. From what says costa the cow? However by the end of the novel, the final chapter called ‘home’ signifies May’s attitude has changed dramatically. “I know what the word really means, home.” The word home is a universal term of belonging it represents that she has once again found ‘family’ and within that comfort. Understanding link it back to the topic sentence.. u have to link back after each technique…

May often has flashbacks throughout the novel of her early childhood. They are always positive and this represents her search for identity as she revisits the happy memories in her past and dreams of new ones. These moments represent who she once was but now since her mother’s death she is a girl ‘lost and hollow’, and how much she wants old self to come back when she still had the relationship and connection with her mother, Old self??? I don’t get it… “When Billy and me lost our mother, we lost ourselves”. This demonstrates her misunderstanding to the responder.

Symbolism is also used through the novel. An example of this is the postcard that May receives from her father about him picking mangoes. May instantly associates mangoes with a past memory with herself and brother eating mangoes. She relates her father to positive connotations. It therefore provides May with hope that her dad will provide her with the things she is searching for – a reconnection to her family. The end of the mango season is described as the skin and seed rotted demonstrating the decay of her dreams/ hopes when she realizes her dad is not what she expected “the monster I’d tried to hide” and loses the hope of regaining a relationship with her father. She has finally understood that her future does not belong with him. HOW IS HER UNDERSTANDING BEING NURTURED??


Molly in RBF is different to May in that she knows what journey she has to take in order to belong where as May doesn’t know where to look. Both personas overcome many obstacles in their search for a sense of belonging one of these being their misunderstanding.


In the film Rabbit Proof Fence, Molly is forced to take the journey to Moore River, as the white authorities take her away from her family where she belongs.

The motif of hands reinforces that Molly does not want to embark on the journey at the beginning and therefore become disconnected from her family. The hands represent Molly’s isolation from her family and her land. This occurs in the scene where the girls are being taken from their families and forced into the car by the...
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