Belonging Different Aspects

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Ruby Langford’s Autobiography extract shows us different aspects of belonging than Winton’s story. Explain this. There are a substantial amount of aspects that correlate and contrast with the theme of belonging in various texts. Although our sense of belonging is vital for our survival and existence, everyone has their own approach to belonging and define it in their own way. The extract “why we didn’t assimilate” by Ruby Langford explores belonging from the eyes of an aborigine woman and how she is affected by the society that surrounds her. Tim Winton’s short story The Water’s Edge and this extract share similarities and differences in language techniques, but more importantly, they contrast in how they approach belonging and what it is to have a strong sense of belonging. Ruby Langford’s extract begins with her moving to green valley, a place widely populated with white people. Amongst this white residence there is a designated house made just for aboriginal residence. They were forced to live there due to the government policy of integration/assimilation, they “belonged” there. Belonging cannot be ordered, or directed by government policy it arises from deep sharing of values. The title of the extract “why we didn’t assimilate” confirms this. Ruby “felt very isolated from [her] friends and culture. All [her] neighbors were white”. She felt alienated by the rules of living in a housing commission house especially the rule about guests “the rule was useless in our culture”. Ruby ignored these rules as; in order to belong we fulfill ourselves not pretend to be someone else. The girl from the water’s edge (in order to fulfill herself) swam into the dark ocean. Just as ruby ignored these rules, the protagonist in waters edge rejects her mother because her mother and the (government in the extract) are trying to make them something they are not. They rebel in order to find a stronger sense of belonging. The clear contrast between the two texts can be seen...
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