Belonging as You Like It - William Shakespear

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  • Published : October 6, 2010
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Belonging has a large impact on us as individuals. Our identity is shaped by it through connections, such as, ourselves to places. Within the texts “as you like it” by William Shakespeare, “college Depression” by Angus Campbell and “Happy Feet” the movie, belonging to a setting is examined. Belonging can cause us to have certain emotions and reactions and it is through these that our identity is shaped. The connection to place in “as you like it” is the natural setting of the forest of Arden. Within the forest a sense of belonging is established for the characters through comparison. “more sweet the painted pomp… more free than that of the envious court”. The comparison present in this compares the forest to the court, setting the forest as a happier, less restrictive place. Also through the connotation linked with the word “envious” we see how the court is a place of wrong values and where the natural order is upset. The Sense of belonging is again brought up for characters through the use of imagery. “free from public taunt… tongues in trees, … sermons in stones”. Through this imagery we see the forest as a place “free from public taunt” where the characters can learn better values from the forest. The forest is personified as a teacher with “tongues in trees” and “sermons in stones”, the end of this line “and good in everything” is used to exaggerate the idea that the forest is a teacher of good values. Shakespeare in this play also uses a Greek god , hymen, as a symbol to show how the marriages are blessed when in the forest. The Greek belief was if Hymen was not present at weddings the marriage was supposed to be disastrous. By using Hyman as a symbol of a blessed future we see how the forest of Arden through a sense of belonging has strengthened the characters bonds to one another and advanced their own individual identities. Also as Oliver enters the forest, he himself finds a new sense of belonging. Oliver finds two new ways he belongs, His family bond...
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