Belonging Analytical

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Belonging Analytical

By | May 2012
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Belonging Analytical Essay By: Nubla The fundamental nature of humankind can arguably be described as one’s urge to develop a sense of connection to one another and this desire to make connections can be described as the wish to belong. For an individual to belong within their environment, their identity can be put to jeopardy. They have to either acclimate to ideal views and become part of society or choose to be isolated. The notion of belonging is espoused through a strong foundation of external factors such as culture, society, gender, interests, ideologies, religion and sometimes internal factors such as fate, spirituality and innate. All these factors are bound to possess in one way or another. However, a lack of stability of these factors disconnects an individual from its unique identity. Concepts of belonging are seen throughout the novel Brick Lane by Monica Ali published in 2003 and Emily Dickinson’s poems “I died for beauty but was scarce”(67), “This is my letter to the world”(66) and “I gave myself to him”(83). These texts identify and demonstrate how the ideas of belonging and isolation work in hand with one’s identity.

When individuals or groups are marginalized in a society, their sense of belonging is compromised and we observe changes in their identity and how they react to their environment. In Dickinson’s poem, “This is my letter to the world”, the change in identity is explored through language and the themes, power, impotence, alienation and loneliness. The form of the letter functions as a perfect metaphor as it is an eloquent means of communication and the world writing letters is a personification. ‘This is my letter’ symbolizes her art and poetry which the speaker wants the world to consider. It is a real, abstract and sensual poem written in a chronological pattern carrying weight on lack of self-esteem with rather objective and somber tone. “That never wrote to me” represents isolation and portrays the...

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