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  • Published : March 26, 2012
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“A sense of belonging is shaped by connections to other people, places and things” Belonging in some instances cannot be beneficial for ones wellbeing. Negative consequences may arise from the way in which one develops belonging. Barriers to belonging can be imposed or voluntarily constructed, and allowing one to distort the barriers can affect the way one belongs to people, places, groups or the larger world.

Peter Skrzynecki’s persistent desire to connect/belong to his cultural heritage is carried forth in various poems, such as Feliks Skrzynecki and St. Patrick’s College. Cultural barriers determine whether the composer/responder is able to belong, and shows the ways in which he attempts to belong. The continual desire to belong to a social group and the want to mature is defined through the film Mean Girls by Mark Waters in 2004 and the TV series One Tree Hill written by Mark Schwahn/ Directed by Bryan Gordon. As a teenager, the necessity to belong to a group is crucial. However her choice to socialise with one group and not another infringes on her friendship, and inturn creates tragedy for all her friends around her.

Connections can be formulated through relations with people, places, groups and the larger world. For the composer to be connected through the poem Feliks Skrzynecki, he learns to understand his father, with much attention around his cultural identity and connections with his place of birth. However, the son feels dislocated from his place of birth along with his perceived cultural isolation as a migrant. This results in a lack of connectedness from social and cultural groups: ‘Happy as I have never been’. His father’s connection with his places of birth is maintained, despite his exile, and consequently his perceptions of his self and identity are intact. However, the son realises his sudden dislocation with adolescence and movement away from his cultural identity. The opening line of ‘Feliks Skrzynecki,’ ‘My gentle father,’ allows the...
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