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  • Published : March 8, 2011
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“A sense of belonging is an instinctive human need in all of us” Good morning teachers and students,
Finding a place to belong is an integral element of developing one’s identity ,sense of self, and enriching relationships, which is therefore critical to all of us.To belong is to fit in or to be accepted into a particular group or environment. In order to belong similarities and connections must be felt within that group. The play ‘Rainbow’s End’ by Jane Harrison, the novel ‘The boy in the Stripped Pyjama’s’ by John Boyne and the film ‘ Little Miss Sunshine’ directed by both Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris all embody the concept of belonging. This is illustrated through the relationship between one’s self and a particular place and one’s family.

Stereotypically the family unit comprises of parents (a mother and a father) and children. This idealised concept is challenged in various texts particularly in ‘Rainbow’s End’ and ‘Little Miss Sunshine’. The concept of family and it’s importance in a sense of belonging is central to the momentum of all three of my texts. In ‘Rainbow’s End’ the Dear family consists of only female relatives,which challenges the idea of a ‘traditional family’. Regardless of the lack of male present within the house or within the action of play , Harrison makes reference to ‘Papa Dear’. These references provide the audience with an insight to the effect these members have on all of the Dear women. These references also illustrate that no matter how far away a family member may be they still belong: “GLADY’S:Papa Dear will be here soon. I hope that you, Regina, will be as lucky as I am. Papa Dear... He’s the best father a girl could ever ask for.” This quotation indicates Glady’s and Papa Dear’s close connection regardless of their time spent apart. The ‘Hoover’ family in ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ is portrayed as dysfunctional. The ‘Hoover’ house consists a desperate dad, and his foul-mouthed father, a ‘pro-honesty’ mum and her suicidal...
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