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  • Published : May 29, 2013
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Question: Significant moments in time shape our understanding of belonging. Link this to belonging.

To be effective a belonging text needs interesting characters, a developed structure, narrative elements and significant moments to shape our understanding of belonging. To create significant moments in time in a belonging poem the poet needs poetic techniques and structural techniques to create a connection and sense of acceptance. To also create significant moments in time in a story the composer needs language and structural techniques, narrative elements and an understanding of affinity. The poems by Steven Herrick ‘Caitlin and Mopping’ and ‘The Picnic’ written in 2000 and the novel by Amy Tan ‘The Joy Luck Club’ written in 1989. Through figurative language and poetic techniques the composers represent the sense and connection of belonging in narrative and poetic form.

‘Caitlin and mopping’ is a poem written by Steven Herrick in 2000. It is based on the compelling story of 16 year old boy named Billy, who trades the soulless tyranny of his father's home and the tediousness of high school for a life of no fixed address. The purpose of the poem is to tell the reader the first time Billy meets Caitlin who is an employee, mopping the floors. They have daily chats, become great friends, which eventually turns into a relationship. Billy and Caitlin have this amazing connection, even though they come from two different worlds. They become very faithful with each other. The persona chooses to tell his story through direct speech and structural techniques.

Steven Herrick uses poetic techniques, direct speech and relationships to help convey the understanding of integration in this poem. To prove so, when Billy steals leftover food in McDonalds, he opens up the oppurtunity to belong to Caitlin. When Caitlin observes Billy ‘stealing scraps’ she is drawn to the way Billy looks ‘self contained’. His demeanour is what encourages her not to call the Manager....
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