Beloging Mary Street

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  • Published : March 13, 2011
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I’m going to talk to you today about aspects of belonging and not belonging that related to the two texes,”10 Mary street” written by peter skrzyncki and “ a sacrifice shouldered, a loyalty pledged beyond words” written by Alice Pung. Firstly, I’m going to talk to you about the definition of belonging and then I’m going to discuss about aspects of belonging in the poem and text. As you know Belonging means be fit or be acceptable in a particular place or environment. Or be a member of something. Tim Winton said “Our Culture is obsessed about belonging, but people haven’t grasped the idea that you have to earn belonging, to earn some kind of comfort and ease of familiarity with yourself’’. “10 Mary Street “reflects this idea through many different ways and in many different contexts such as family, school, home, culture, and heritage. To belong is to feel as though you are a part of something, where you connect with other people, and where you feel a sense of security. Belonging can be individually, within a group, community, society, or the larger world. This sense of belonging can be earned through our family, friends, likes and dislikes, backgrounds and opinions. So, in the “10 Mary Street”

Peter Skrzynecki uses various language and visual techniques throughout his poems to show the idea that you have to earn belonging. In “10 Mary Street”, he used “nineteen years” two times. This can shows us that they were finding a place to belong by repetition of that emphasis the long time to live to their house which shows they had adapted to the environment. On the other hand he commented “narrow bridge” (as symbolise) that tells us a feeling of dislocation and feeling of not belonging To the Skrzynecki every belonging, except the one the parents began with seems somehow unreal .the parents tend plants “like adopted children “that simile stressing the lack of a real sense of belonging. Only by keeping “war Europe /with photographs and letters” and by eating and...
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