Bells Palsy

Topics: Facial nerve, Bell's palsy, Parotid gland Pages: 4 (1360 words) Published: May 16, 2013
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Bells Palsy
October 24, 2012

Bell’s palsy is described as facial paralysis or facial weakness. However, it can result from a large number of disorders including tumors, trauma, infections and central nervous system diseases. Bell’s palsy is thought to result from a Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) infection involving the facial nerve and remains. It will affect about 1 in 60 people during their lifetime. Men and women are equally affected as are the right and left sides of the face. Pregnant women, especially during the third trimester are more prone to develop Bell’s palsy. The facial nerve, on its path from the brain stem to the face passes through a narrow bony canal in the base of the skull. The viral infection of the nerve is thought to produce inflammation and swelling. The tight bony canal cannot expand to accommodate the enlarged nerve that becomes subjected to increasing amounts of pressure producing the rapid onset of facial weakness and varying degrees of long term damage. I choose this topic because, in the fifth grade I had it. I had it for about a month. Anatomy

Once the damage has been done within the cranial canal the nerves then have to re grow around the whole side of the face to the various points. Physiology of the system
The facial nerve (also called the seventh cranial nerve) on each side of your face. Each facial nerve comes out from your brain, through a small tunnel in your skull just under your ear. The nerve splits into many branches that supply the small muscles of the face that you use to smile, frown, etc. It also supplies the muscles that you use to close your eyelids. Branches of the facial nerve also take taste sensations from your tongue to your brain. Physiology of the disease or disorder

Bell’s palsy affects the seventh cranial nerve, or CN-VII. It causes facial muscles to weaken or become paralyzed. Originating in the brain stem, it passes through the...
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