Bellagio Two Global City

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#2 Forbestown Rd. cor. Burgos circle, Forbestown center Bonifacio Global City Taguig.

First Oceanic propefty Management, lnc.

Properfy Managed byz

Unit Renovation


Letter of Renovation rntent (three (3) copies)
Authorized Representative.


from Unit owner /

' . .

specified scope of works (three (3) copies)
within 3 - 7 days upon submission.


subject for approval

Applicable pertinent plans (three (3) copies). Worker's ldentification Card lssuance Form (secure at property Administration Office ) - attached photocopy of Brgy. Clearance

or NBI Clearance.

- 2 pcs. 1xl picture (php. S0.00 each for processing)


Accomplished Renovation Clearance Form
(secure at property Administration Office ) please enclose the above requirements in long folder / envelope.

' .

Refundabre construction bond
submitted scope of works


amount varies depending from

Fire Extinguisher (10 tbs ABC type).

We are glad to serve you!!!

Property Administration Office.

rL "'-:1%

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT OFFICE Upper Ground Floor, The Bellagio 2, Ft. Bonifacio, Global Cty Telephone Nos. (02) 403-3184






{.) }: ,1.




A. B. C.

Up-to-date payment of association dues and other assessments, if any. The unit should be accepted,/signed (presence of Acceptance Receipt) by the owner prior to the renovation. Three (3) complete sets of the following.


Letrer of intent to construct/renovate with target time of completion shall be submitted to the Property Management Office together with the detailed plan and scope of works.

2. 3. 4.

Renovation Plans and Specifications to be approved by the Board of Directors, in consultation with Megaworld Corporation. Details of electrical loading (load schedule) must be inciuded for units with additional lights and outlets. A fully filled-up Renovation Permit form with an undertaking thar the member applicant will strictly adhere


E. . F.

to the regulation of the Association. Complete List of Workers with two (2) pieces of I x I ID picture and photocopy of NBI or Police Clearance for each worker to be used for the identification cards. A Fifty Pesos (Php. 5Ct.00) Identification Card Processing shall be settled by the Owner/Resident or Contractor. Settiement of Construction bond - This will be paid once the Renovation plan is approved then Notice ro proceed will be issued by the Property Management Office. l. Minor Renovation - Fifteen Thousand Pesos (Php 15,000.00) 2. Major Renovation - Thirty Thousand Pesos (Php 30,000.00) Note: Constructionbond is required to guarantee compliance with theRenovation Rules and Regalation. Settlement of Non-Refundable renovation/construction fee - based on the classification, kind and work duration to compensate for the additional overhead costs for the staff, power consumption and undue deterioration of the common areas and facilitates. l: Minor Renovarion - Phlj. 1,000.00




The unit must provide at least


- Php. 3,000.00 of ABC type 10 lbs fire extinguisherprior to the issuance of permit to renovate.



a. b. c. d. e. f.

MINOR RENOVATION - may include any and / or all of the following: wallpaoer

Replacemenc of existing baseboard and installation of cornice Carpentry works (cabinets, drawers, shelves etc.) Glass works (shower enclosure, walls, ceiling, doors etc. but excluding windows.) Increase of electrical Ioad - usual case is installatlon of special appliances with ratings higher that that'

specified for the unir. In this case electrical load schedule is requir-e.d, to be included in submission of Renovation Plan for srudy. (For appliance ratings, please coordinate with the Property Management Office).


MAJOR RENOVATION - includes those works...
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