Bell Rock Lighthouse: Signal and Guide to Fishermen and Travelers

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  • Published : May 9, 2011
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Bueno, Angelica L.
BSA 3-1

Reaction Paper: Bell Rock Lighthouse

I’ve always been interested with lighthouses even before I watched this documentary film that’s why it wasn’t hard or boring for me. I’ve always wanted to go to a lighthouse and see how it flashes lights towards the sea. It’s amazing how it saves many lives of people and even animals that live underwater. I find it wonderful learning how to build a lighthouse, well, technically. This Bell Rock lighthouse was built in a rock, a very dangerous rock according to people who came across it. The man behind this rock, Robert Stevenson, built this rock between 1807 and 1810. And it’s amazing that this certain lighthouse still stand even to this day! Awesome, indeed!

The history of Bell Rock was amusing and interesting as well in my opinion. How many ship wrecks had happened there before, I had no idea. Robert Stevenson, a man full of dreams, wanted to pursue building a lighthouse on Bell Rock. Although many people were against his plan, he stayed determined and thought of many ideas how to build a lighthouse without the waves crashing the base. That was one of the disadvantages since the lighthouse will be built in the sea. He based his idea to some already built lighthouses and hired almost sixty men to work on this project. They went to the sea, with a steady ship floating not so far away from the rock, they went with the ships to the rock and started digging for the base of the lighthouse. One thing I noticed about this story, the laborers were all religious men. They pray before and after working which is very admirable.

The going back and forth routine has been a disadvantage to Stevenson as he were already behind time working with the base of the lighthouse. He decided, together with his men, to build a beacon in the rock which they can stay to. They started with the beacon not long. The question would be how long will it stay standing? Storms can sweep away the beacon and they were...
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