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Study Trip to Belize(A Village at San Antonio Rio Hondo) and a sustainable analysis for the community there Introduction:-
San Antonio Rio Hondo is a beautiful place inhabited by indigenous people. They speak English and Spanish. They people of the little village ‘Belize’-live from hand to mouth as they have very little resources exploiting which they can upgrade the standard of their go of quotidian life. In fact, the hard struggling people of this calm and quite village situated on the lap of Nature-serene, used to work a lot as their economic standard was not so high but today the picture has changed a little. In course of my study trip to this village in walk district, I had the scope to mix with these congenial, loving people and thereby to study their socio-economic sustainability.

My Analysis-done on the socio-economic and environmental sustainability of the community of San Antonio Rio Hondo:- Economic picture and the sustainability-of the people of village Belize is of not a standard. The Woman and the youth used to toil hard for making beautiful-attractive things (crafts to sell. They, in this way, are engaged in raising funds which is used for sending their children to school but the craftsman receives their money after paying the ‘pay-pal fees’ for sending their home made things afar. Among the home made things there are (1) Swan puppet, (2) Crochet tea towels, (3) Bed covers, (4) Crochet caps and (5) beautiful ladies bags. All these homemade and hand made things have a good market. Actually, 90% of the residents here in Belize on the Albion Island are related with ancestors coming to this area from Mexico. At that time, the sustainability was derived from the initial jobs like harvesting log wood for dyes. Those people also used to harvest-‘Sapodilla Sap’ for making chewing gum. For export, they have the mahogany trees in the regional forest. [, 2012] At present, a major portion of the rural families, derive some income for sugarcane farming. Day by day, the sustainability level is being upgraded and the economic condition has touched a flourishing point as recently it has turned out as a tourist destination with (1) Riverboat used for dining, running of workshops, excursion parties etc. It can seat 16 for meals. (2) Canoeing-this is done on the calm waters which makes a sliding easy under trees and helps seeing wild life and catching fish. One feels a sense of meditation here. (3) Bird watching provides a lot of fun for the tourists as they get the most desired chance to watch the different species of Birds like (a) Kingfishers, (b) Spoonbills, (c) Boat build herons, (d) Social fly catchers, (e) Swallows, (f) Laughing falcons, (g) Trogons and (h) Chachalaces etc. (4) Bicycling along the selected back roads of Albino island offers the fine scope to see sugarcane field, jungle and cenotas. This also reveals manikins, becards, antbirds and antshrike, motmots, tanager and many more wild creatures, (5) fishing- this is another interesting item providing sustenance to the hardworking villagers as the tourists like this game very much during the late time of spring, variety of fishes like Jacks, Tarpon come from the sea whereas –Bass, Cat fish and many other species can be caught throughout the year. In short, all these items altogether provide a considerable level of sustainability so far the hard toiling life of the islanders is concerned. [Government of Belize, 19 April,2012] There are the interesting tourist spots like (1) ‘Cenotas’ and the ruins of the classical civilisation of the Mayas. It is to be remembered that there are atleast 100 Archaeological sites on Albino Island. [, 2012]

“Social picture highlighting the sustainability-present”:- (1) The villagers came to this Village (Belize) from Mexico at the end of their ‘caste war’. The language used to speak in homes is ‘Spanish’ but most of the people have become well acquainted...
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