Belisinnie Fast Food Holdings

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  • Published : February 23, 2013
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Belisinnie Fast Food Holdings Sdn. Bhd. is owned by Mr. Razali Raja Jamaluddin. The owner started a franchise burger stall called the Long Burger. It started out as a stall in Johor but now has reached throughout the Malaysia. It has grown so fast because of the low franchising fee needed to franchise the stall. The burger stall concept is considered as easy to access and also cheaper than the fast food restaurants. Unlike the bigger competitor like McDonalds, the stall are not located inside a shopping mall or even in shop lots therefore franchising the brand is much easier and cheaper to maintain for people to franchise it. Fancy machinery is also not needed for the making of the fast food and also portable for the staff to pack the tools when they are not needed. Young hopefuls are welcome and encourage to franchise it according to Mr. Razali with a small franchising fee.

Even though there are many competitors in the streets, Long Burger has made its name through its quality check by the owner of the company. Apart from the normal beef burger or chicken burger provided by the other competitors, the Long Burger also provides wedges, fries and nuggets in its menu. Other than that, there are various type of exotic burgers provided by Long Burger such as the rabbit burger, lamb burger and ostrich burger. To make it more special, they have their own special burger offered called the Burger Ole, Burger Euro, Burger Samba and Burger Vivo. The four special burgers use a special mayonnaise sauce created just for the burger. The special sauce is not available to public or any other burger stall other than the Long Burger.
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