Believing in the Accuracy of Sensory Information

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  • Published : August 14, 2012
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Three reasons for believing in the accuracy of sensory information are as follows * Whenever you touch something hot or cold, the sense of touch & feelings detects it & sends a message to brain and in response you act and remove your hand from that hot or cold material * Your sense of sight helps you see & thus respond accordingly. When you see something dangerous you response by moving away from it & similarly when you see some vehicle coming your way, you wait to cross the road * Sense of taste helps you to decide whether the food is eatable or not. Sensory organs in tongue helps us to decide what we like and what we do not The above examples help us believe in the accuracy of sensory information and act accordingly but sometime there might be some reasons that make us have a doubt on the accuracy of sensory information and such three reasons are as follows * Sometimes when you are crossing a road or a street you might find a vehicle heading towards you and then you sense of sight might say that it’s far and you response and try to cross the road but then you suddenly realize that the vehicle is too close and then you might be in some tough situation * Sometime the past experiences might prove your sensory information wrong as you might love certain dish but this time when you are having it, it might taste awful * We might see two kids fighting and then we separate them and scold them, the reason would be that our sense of sight saw and send the signal that kids are fighting but actually they were playing These points clearly indicates that although our sense might be working properly and often helps us take correct decision but we should not always trust them completely as at times there might me some misinterpretation of data send by sensory organs There are many factors that contribute to the accuracy of the sensory organs and few of them are described below * Past Experience: we might have seen vehicle slowing down on...
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