Believing in Active Parenting

Topics: Parent, Mother, Family Pages: 2 (501 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Believing in Active Parenting
By: Rahn Tibbs

I believe in active parenting. Being an active parent means you're involved with and know your children. A sort of psychological literacy stemming from your own experiences and life lessons is needed to navigate this mine field referred to as the adolescent mind. My first reason for this belief is because of my role as a parent. I am a father, in my opinion, the most important role in the family infrastructure. I'm showing my sons how to be responsible men and fathers and my daughter, the type of man she should want to marry. Secondly, how our children turn out directly effects our future and the futures of our children's children.

As a teenage parent, I didn't really know the importance of my responsibility as a father. Coming from a single parent home, I (sort of) grew up with this distorted view that having an absent parent was okay. My mom had raised me by herself but what I didn't know, was that she needed my father, a lot. In my opinion a woman is limited in their knowledge about adolescent boys. Boys need a positive male role model to show them how to carry themselves as young man. My Mom didn't even feel comfortable enough to have "the talk", with me as a teen. But still, she was there for me as a responsible parental figure.

On my own and responsible for myself I realized my actions as a man and father are the paper on which my legacy is written. I want my kids to be able to write a book about how great I was as their father. I try to be the dad I wanted as a child. A parent is there to raise their child into productive members of society, making hard decisions and sacrifices that you know is best for your child. Kids often times reflect what they have seen and been taught in the home. At home is a child's first learning domain, where values and beliefs are formed. If a child's environment is corrupt, then we should fear the same for that child's psychological well being. I think...
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