Believer's Baptism

Topics: Jesus, Christianity, Christian terms Pages: 2 (573 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Sahaj Ghimire
Mr. Adams
16 February 2013
Subject: Summary on Believer’s Baptism
Author Randall in this chapter discusses the distinctive Baptists hold in regards to Baptism and how it is different than other denominations. The chapter follows up with evidence to show why this belief is biblically true and gives other vital knowledge on the subject. Author notes the debate that has been lasting regarding the baptism among the Christians for ages, and raises century old question regarding whether a person gets saved by baptism or not. The author reaffirms Baptist stand on the issue clarifying that a person becomes Christian becomes by faith and after that submits to baptism. It is mentioned that because of this view, Baptist churches have considered invalid baptism of persons not meeting the biblical standard and baptized again those who came into their membership. Further, the evidence for Baptist view on the subject, also called the Believer’s Baptism is also given with various proofs. Notables include John the Baptist, whose ceremony of baptism was a symbolic expression of faith candidates had exercised in changing their lives and drawing close to God. Also mentioned in Jesus Christ’s commanded regarding spreading the gospel, which is mentioned in all the books of gospel, in all of which, faith is told before baptism, supporting the view. Also noted are the churches mentioned in the book of Acts and in the New Testament, and how faith of a person always came before baptism, which all proves the Baptist distinctive regarding baptism. Writer also gives us insight on the elements of Believer’s Baptism, which gives some good tips on various elements of the ceremony. Some vital things that are necessary for a baptism to be authentic and right are mentioned like proper candidate, proper immersion, proper motive, proper formula and proper authority. It is worth noting how the author gives some vital criteria in these headings like only believer is...
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