Topics: The Rock, Classmates, Debut albums Pages: 3 (1027 words) Published: May 9, 2013
A Narative Essay
Name: Carmela E. BuiquilSection: BC 12-JJDate: January 7, 2013 No. of Words:1,000
Was there a time wherein you experienced something so difficult but you still got through with it? For instance, you failed the exam that you really worked for and anger feds you up because of those sleepless nights. The teacher gave you a second chance but instead of crying, you worked twice as hard and finally you got what you wanted. You have been diagnosed of cancer and other people would say that it’s impossible to survive, but through faith, you experienced a miracle. Through the negative comment of others, we may be discouraged from believing that we still have hope and the possibilities, but through courage and firm faith, that impossible will become possible. There was a time when I was saved by courage and faith, I could’ve died in that accident, but faith conquered death. The story goes like this, a day after our graduation in elementary, we went to the beach for our farewell party. We considered it as a usual hangout. We laughed, joked around and used other names like the normal things we do in school. We were banned from reminiscing the past because we don’t want to cry again like in our graduation, while my bestfriend was giving her speech. We were there to create another good memory. On the cottage, our guardians gathered us and with a serious face, they told us to be careful and have fun. While our guardians were away to prepare the food for our lunch, one of my classmate whispered “remember the time when Ate Kim told us that there was one who was not able to march on stage for their graduation because he met an accident and died”. Another classmate spoke “Like the rumors that the old folks used to tell people”. Another said “What if it will happen to us? Who will be the next target of the angel of death?” Finally I spoke out “It was just mere coincidence”. Everybody ignored what I said and believed that old folktale that after...
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