Beliefs, Values, and Morals

Topics: Religion, Morality, God Pages: 2 (730 words) Published: January 27, 2011
Learning team's beliefs, values, and morals
Gail Johnson
December 19, 2010
Lisa Schulz


We as a society have accepted certain standards that we hold true. These are beliefs that we have faith in such as religion and the “right to bare arms.” The religious belief that as a Christian “Christ “will protect us but morally we purchase fire arms for protection from certain individuals within society that choose not to follow the norm. Is it right for a religious person to purchase a fire arm in order to protect their family against another individual? For example if there has been a rampage amount of violent house burglaries and the individual that breaks into the house is injured. Was it right for this Christian to use this fire arm protection? The principles states that it is against certain Christian beliefs to kill or harm another individual. The “social principles” or value indicates that we accept these beliefs, morals and values as a part of American society. The Second Amendment allows an individual the “right to keep and bear arms.” The moral lesson of this is that an individual will eventually be injured. Right or wrong these are the standards (values) that an individual accept within a society.

We as individuals have certain beliefs and will whole to these beliefs even when there is no merit. For example Santa Claus as young child I believe in this fictional person but as I grew older I realize there was no Santa only my father. But through the years I arbitrarily pass the same fictional beliefs in Santa onto my nieces and nephew. My beliefs of a man in a red suit, white beard, coming down a chimney with a bag of presents and riding a sled pulled by eight reindeers I infuse my knowledge on to them. But each Christmas I realize I am not the only Americans that form these fictitious beliefs. I ask myself is it morally wrong to tell them that Santa is real. My religious and faith in “God” say that I...
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