Beliefs of Tai Dam

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Beliefs of Tai Dam human
Religious beliefs of Tai Dan are mainly centered on phi (spirits) and khwan (life essences). Man is felt to be under the power of many spirits, both malevolent and beneficent. Belief in khwan, Tai Dam believe that the taen create men to be born on earth. Taen Naen is responsible for supervising the creation and giving khwan to individuals. He sees to it that the shaping of human form is in accordance with the form of the Tai Dam male and female archetypes, Pu Chang Lo Po Chang Ti and Mae Bao Mae Naen. When the bodies are finished they are handed over to Taen Chad who determines their lifespan and dispatches them to earth. The Tai Dam believe in benevolent and malevolent spirits. They believe that there are supernatural forces that decide their lives and destiny. The creator of heaven and earth is the "Then Luong." On earth the "Phi" who is the henchman of the "Then Luong" control every affair of man's deeds.

Tai Dam hold man to be a part of nature. Man is superior over nature, but man is happiest when is at one with nature. He does not try to rise above it, and he accepts what life holds for him. However, Tai Dam are very tolerant of other's beliefs.

The influence of Confucianism can also be felt in the Tai Dam society. The Tai Dam believe in a strong sense of cultural-historical continuity and stability. The perfect individual is to improve himself, his family and to make his country prosperous and the word peaceful. The Tai Dam believe that ancestral spirits care for their peace and happiness. When someone is sick or has an illness, a ceremony is held by the “Momod” to communicate with the ancestral spirits to cure the sick. The ceremony is called “Senhao Senhan.” The Tai Dam society values the ceremony as a way to unite the society.

Architecture of Tai Dam or Lao Song Human
The Lao Song is another group of Tai people which are sometimes called by the different names such as Tai Songdam and Phu Tai. There are a lot of Song...
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