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Beliebers have a clear concept of themselves as a community,[8][9] which Bieber acknowledged on Twitter by using the word,[10] and by claiming one day he could fall in love with one of his fans. "I love all my fans," he declared, "but I've never been in love with one."[11][12] woman in shirt saying "I love Canada Ontario London, Hospital St. Judes, 2nd floor, Room 126, 1st March 1994 12:45am tuesday." A woman in a Belieber shirt commemorating Justin Bieber's birthday and place of birth

The early Bieber fanbase developed on YouTube, and predated the release of Bieber's first album.[9][9][13][14][15] Fans viewed his videos more than 2 billion times on YouTube, with Bieber becoming the first person to reach that number on the site.[14] He established a personal relationship with them, through Twitter, and answering questions from fans on a radio show.[11]

The fandom has developed several components which co-exist uneasily. One aspect of the fandom can be self-mocking, and is willing to pay a lot money to be part of it. The other part does not like the association with problematic fans and is less willing to buy into the more overtly commercial parts of the fan community, such as purchasing concert tickets.[2][9] The community sometimes has issues and rival factions inside fandom have been known to attack one another. In one case, a Twitter account shared "alleged direct messages from Justin scolding the authors of [a] blog for writing lies about him."[2] Despite these issues, being a fan of Belieber provides fans with access to a community that may help them through tough times,[7] and is over 20 million strong.[14]

Most of Bieber's fanbase is composed of young girls in their pre-teens or teens, however there are still many young men out there who support him.[1][16][17] His fans have been described as patient and doting by the Toronto Star.[18] Bieber fandom offers its female fans "a way not only to subliminate romantic and sexual yearnings but to carve...
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