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This questionnaire is designed to help you find out your roles when working as part of a team.

There are 7 "questions" and each is followed by 8 statements. For each "question" you should select the statements that "sound most like you". Then allocate a total of 10 points across the statements you have selected, according to how applicable you think each statement is to you.

In an extreme case you may allocate all 10 points over all 8 statements. More typically, you will want to give points to, say, 3 or 4 rather than all of the statements. For example: 2, 3, 3, 2 and 4 zeroes; or 6, 3, 1 and 5 zeroes.

Please make sure the points allocated total 10 for each "question".

1.What I believe I can contribute to a team:

← 1.1 - think I can quickly see and take advantage of new opportunities.

← 1.2 - I can work well with a very wide range of people.

← 1.3 - Producing ideas is one of my natural assets.

← 1.4 - My ability rests in being able to draw people out whenever I detect they have something of value to contribute to group objectives.

← 1.5 - My capacity to follow through has much to do with my personal effectiveness.

← 1.6 - I am ready to face temporary unpopularity if it leads to worthwhile results in the end.

← 1.7 - I can usually sense what is realistic and likely to work.

← 1.8 - I can offer a reasoned case for alternative courses of action without introducing bias or prejudice.

2.If I have a possible shortcoming in teamwork, it could be that:

← 2.1 - I am not at ease unless meetings are well structured and controlled and generally well conducted.

← 2.2 - I am inclined to be too generous towards others who have a valid viewpoint that has not been given a proper airing.

← 2.3 - I have a tendency to talk too much once the group gets on to new ideas.

← 2.4 - My objective outlook makes it difficult for me to join in readily and enthusiastically with colleagues.

← 2.5 - I am sometimes seen as forceful and authoritarian if there is a need to get something done.

← 2.6 - I find it difficult to lead from the front, perhaps because I am over responsive to group atmosphere.

← 2.7 - I am apt to get too caught up in ideas that occur to me and so lose track of what is happening.

← 2.8 - My colleagues tend to see me as worrying unnecessarily over detail and the possibility that things may go wrong.

3.When involved in a project with other people:

← 3.1 - I have an aptitude for influencing people without pressurising them.

← 3.2 - My general vigilance prevents careless mistakes and omissions being made.

← 3.3 - I am ready to press for action to make sure that the meeting does not waste time or lose sight of the main objective.

← 3.4 - I can be counted on to contribute something original

← 3.5 – I am always ready to back a good suggestion in the common interest.

← 3.6 - I am keen to look for the latest in new ideas and developments.

← 3.7 - I believe my capacity for judgement can help to bring about the right decisions.

← 3.8 - I can be relied upon to see that all essential work is organised.

4.My characteristic approach to group work is that:

← 4.1 – I have a quiet interest in getting to know colleagues better.

← 4.2 - I am not reluctant to challenge the views of others or to hold a minority view myself.

← 4.3 - I can usually find a line of argument to refute unsound propositions.

← 4.4 - I think I have a talent for making things work once a plan has to be put into operation.

← 4.5 - I have a tendency to avoid the obvious and to come out with the unexpected.

← 4.6 - I bring a touch of perfectionism to any job I undertake.

← 4.7 - I am ready to make use of contacts outside the group itself.

← 4.8 - While I am interested in all views I have no hesitation in making up my...
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