Bejeweled Inc Expansion; Cmgt 410/Project Planning

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Bejeweled Inc Expansion
Tim Barker
Jonathan W. Brown
Cecilia Martinez
Ruthann McKenzie
University of Phoenix
CMGT 410/Project Planning & Implementation
Dr. Terance Carlson


Bejeweled Inc is a well known jewelry store which has locations in Florida, Georgia, and New York. Bejeweled Inc in addition to their stores also provides the jewelry to a few local jewelry stores in the New York area. Brian Leach Owner of Bejeweled Inc opened his first store in February 1995. The first store to open was the store located in Atlanta Georgia, within two years he opened another in Savannah Georgia and another in Brunswick six months later. In In June 2000 Brian opened up two stores in Miami and in March 2008 opened a store in Manhattan New York. Brian is very interested in opening up an E-Commerce where consumers can order online from the store directly. Known for their exquisite fine jewelry and precious gems Bejeweled Inc is increasingly becoming very popular and trying to communicate between shops with all the orders coming in is becoming harder and harder and Bejeweled Inc really needs a better IT solution in order to keep up with the demand.

Statement of Need
Now that Bejeweled Inc has “taken off” and Brian would like to expand their business and upgrade the current network. The objective is to be able to expand their services by attaining better operations by getting the offices in sync with each other rather than them being just another store with the same name. . In conjunction with expanding their operations section Bejeweled Inc envisions increasing profitability via E- Commerce. E-Commerce will allow people to carry out business without barriers of time or distance (Education). One can simply log on at anytime and purchase anything from the site with just a click of a button. Bejeweled has a small marketing department so getting their input will be crucial for the web designers. Standing up the Bejeweled website for purchases will be a bit of a cost initially but the maintenance in the long run won’t be a problem. Some of the great operational benefits of the E-Commerce are reduction in both time and personnel. It takes considerably less time and strain on the resources to complete a business transaction (Education). The website will allow Bejeweled Inc the benefits of expanding without actually having to be physically located in that state. In turn the website will increase profits and excellent operations will increase the probability of the repeat business. Project Objectives

The objective first is to analyze the problem and determine our budget. Bejeweled Inc has given us 50,000 dollars to buy equipment and materials the task and another 50,000 for labor and assessment, an additional 30,000 for contingency cost. They would like to expand on their existing website and make implement an E-commerce offering their beautiful product all over the country. Along with the new website they will need a new database system to track online orders. We will design strategic questionnaires that will be passed out to Stakeholder, key leads and randomly selected employees. The questionnaire is designed to get basic information to our staff so that once the onsite analysis begins we have a good working knowledge on how the process work and where the problem lies. Since the company is spread out to many parts of the. Following the questionnaire phase our techs will spend some time with the leads of each section, finance, marketing, sales (each store manager) and the IT departments. Upon a risk analysis we have found that there are risks to completing this project. Risk Assessment

Item| Observation| Threat Source| Existing Controls| Likelihood| Impact| Risk Rating| Recommended Controls| 1| User Systems don’t have indv user accts| Hackers/ Hostile Employees| none| High| High| High| Recommend that Domain User accounts be implemented and passwords be used to...
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