Being a Teacher from a Student View

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  • Published : March 7, 2011
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Being A Teacher From A Student View

Have you ever gone back to your old high school classroom? I when back not to

revisited, but to teach for a class I was taking from college. As I got ready to enter the

classroom as student teacher, I know that I would have to always push the students to

do their best, and at the same time, make learning interesting and creative. Every child

learns in a different way. Because of that, it was necessary how I control how to teach. I

have to be able to pushes the students to do their best, but make it where they want to

learn, not because they have to. I know that being a teacher would not be easy.

Being a teacher was difficult, as trying to find the right way for everyone to

learn. The able to communication with the students is very important for me. I

want them be able to understand what I was teaching, and if they don’t understand it,

I need to be able to explain to them in way they can comprehend. I set high standards

for all students, and encouraging them to do the same and eventually develop high

expectations for them self. At the same time, I have to be interested in the subject that

I was teaching. I thought, if I was fascinated about the area I was teaching, then my

students are going to see that I was really into it, and then I thought they will trying harder

to give me their best work.

Being understanding is probably one of the of the most important thing I needed

to be. Everybody come from different background, have different type of learning style,

and some come with learning disability. I have to be able to teach many different type of

students. Being a student with a learning disability, I had a understanding of how it

difficult it can be. I was very tolerant and supportive, but I never let them use their

disability as a way to get out of something. I know I couldn’t push them to side, as I had

to make sure that they was...