Being a Stay at Home Mother-Exemplification

Topics: Sleep, Sleep deprivation, Youngest son Pages: 3 (1129 words) Published: February 21, 2012
Have you ever heard that people believe that being a stay at home mom isn’t a job? Have you ever been told that any job is more difficult than being a mother? I’m pretty sure I have heard it all. A stay at home mother must be able to multi-task, it is physically demanding, and you are responsible for others’ lives aside from your own, making the job of a stay at home mother a difficult one. As a mother you must know how to juggle many tasks at once. I have three children, a four year old little girl and two little boys. A normal day in my household consists of cooking, cleaning, changing diapers, teaching, bathing, singing, and playing. For some people I am sure you are thinking that doesn’t seem so hard, but what if you were trying to perform all of these tasks at once? I consider my household to be organized chaos. In one day, I put a load of laundry in the washer while holding a twenty eight pound toddler on top of singing the alphabet with the other two. While trying to cook a dinner for five I am attempting to pick up forty ounces worth of Nesquick powder my three year old son scattered all over my kitchen. Try sweeping and mopping floors while your children are proceeding to make a new mess right behind you. It is almost impossible to give one of your children the attention he or she wants while the other is tugging on your leg. My oldest son smacked his face off of the wall; he was screaming bloody murder. Unfortunately, my youngest son had also gone number two up his back and down his legs. Somehow, I managed to fix my oldest sons’ boo boo while showering my youngest sons’ nasty butt off. One night my daughter wanted to play dolls. I began playing with her and there came the two boys, one whining to play with his trucks and the other just wanting to be held. Let me tell you playing dolls and trucks at the same time with a destructive fifteen month old on your lap is quite the obstacle. As a mother it is a must that you do your best to do multiple things...
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