Being a Social Worker

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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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During the Being a Social Worker assignment I was able to work with two Organizations: The Sparrows Nest and 4Sarah. The Sparrows Nest is a non-profit public organization that was founded in 1988. The Sparrows Nest is funded by multiple recourses including a thrift store located in the basement, and annual fundraisers put on by the staff and students. Their main source is comes from a pile of supportive churches like Life Church, Gateway, and Watkinsville First Baptist. The head of the agency is Pam Allen who makes most of the verdicts, but she is limited by her board of directors who have the final say in most of the big decisions. Staff members like Alex, Becca, Chris and Whiley set the temperature or “stir the pot”. Each is head of a different section of the organization, which helps the agency adapt, and comfort the diversity of clients. Like, Mission Stew, which provides food for homeless and needy families on weekdays. Or, Medical Missions, which offers medicine and emergency assistance of various kinds. Lastly, Student and Family Mission which gives tutoring, mentoring and teaching to the community around. Each mission leader has a role that relates to social work. It is clear that they are all counselors and strive to promote the dignity of the individual, because one of there mission statements says, “through collaboration and mutual support, we empower one another and strive to achieve life-giving unity within authentic relationships.” Also, because they are so adamant about community I think they provide a clear picture or the person-in environment approach. The Community served I believe would range from the almost poor to the severely poor population that encompasses the south side of the city. That includes infants, adults and elderly. Also Clark County is one of the poorest cities in Georgia with a poverty level of 38% and a crime rate of 48.5%. Sparrows Nest is needed because in the past year they have served approximately 4,300 hot meals, provided clothing, shower and laundry services and emergency food assistance to roughly 3,200 individuals and families, and offered special financial or other assistance to several hundred others. There are three weekly worship and teaching sessions that reach hundreds on a monthly basis, including at risk children and youth as well as vulnerable members of the homeless community and other adults in need. As for their future plans, they are currently holding community fundraisers the last Saturday of each month so they can expand the youth facilities and cater to a higher number of students. Pam described their long term goals very simply, she said, “their main goal is to continue to do everything they can to provide adequate help to the community, and after that it’s as easy as trusting the Lord.”

The second organization I worked with 4Sarah is a Nonprofit Faith-Based tax exempt organization whose mission is to empower change in the life direction of women and girls who are adult entertainers, prostitutes, escorts or victims of sexual exploitation by offering a person in environment approach as well as an educational, emotional, physical and spiritual support system. 4Sarah affects the life direction of women and girls involved in the sex trade industry by offering resources which include; church placement, prayer, life coaching, transitional housing assistance, job placement, continuing education guidance, STD/HIV resources, suicide intervention, addiction and domestic violence resources. Having support from their communities and churches, women and girls will be inspired to leave the adult entertainment industry and prostitution to become well trained professional women within the community.  Kasey formed 4Sarah in 2005 and has established 2 outreach teams that have 15 volunteers. The team participates in monthly outreaches to women and girls working inside the strip clubs. The Outreach team also reaches out through random calls to women and girls that post ads on...
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