Being a Part of a Team

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  • Published : January 2, 2007
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Being on a team can benefit an individual physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Physically, being part of a team can keep a body healthy and benefit certain areas of playing a sport such as one's endurance. Being a part of a team emotionally, can develop many skills that one player must possess to be successful. Psychologically, being a part of a team can boost one's confidence and give them the right attitude to benefit the team. Although the psychological aspect of being on a team is very important, the most important benefit from being a part of a team is the physical aspect. Being a part of a team can benefit an individual by being physically fit and helping your endurance. Having a physically fit body not only is a major benefit for people but it also helps there emotional state of mind. By playing sports you keep your body in great shape. Ones muscles will become much stronger and as they grow, they will stay healthier. Sports helps in keeping people at a desirable weight. Some of our countries weight problems are mainly targeted at non athletes. When a person plays a sport they are always active, so even those with huge appetites can burn off all the calories simply by playing a sport like soccer. It has also been found that those who keep there body in shape are more healthy. Ones body will become stronger because of the strenuous work that is exerted during practices and events. Endurance is another very important part of physical fitness that sports plays a role in. Some may argue that certain sports require no endurance and are easy. However this is far from the truth. In sports like soccer, basketball and lacrosse there is constant motion or running which can help one's endurance. Even in sports where there is little running, like baseball, the athletes still do a lot of running in the sport to make their muscles and body stronger. Having good endurance helps out heart rate which is very important as people grow older. Athletes also have the...
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