Being a Man Is Easier Than Being a Woman

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  • Published : June 12, 2011
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ESL 101
Tammy Cai
Instructor: Mrs. Tucker

Being a Man is Easier Than Being a Woman
Since 1920, women finally got the right to vote throughout the nation. Gender discrimination was resolved from the surface. Nevertheless, the discrimination against women still exist like an invisible statue. I still can feel it right now. “JoEllen Dillon, a non-equity corporate partner at Reed Smith, reached a settlement in a gender discrimination suit she filed in December. In the suit, she alleged that women partners at the firm were paid less than their male colleagues,” stated Brian Baxiter, American Lawyer. The typical case shows that this discrimination really exists. Also, I found a lot of evidence which let me think that being a man is easier than a woman. Some may think that men pay all expenses during a date or a marriage. A woman can stay at home if she desires, but a man has to work and support his family. It is not always easy for a man. However, is it a benefit to stay home and become a homemaker for a woman who graduated from a college or university? Actually for many women, it is torture. First, being a man is easier because men don’t have reproductive issues. For me, PMS is the most painful issue because of hormonal imbalance. Meantime, I get emotional problems during a period, and I get angry easier than normal time. I become more sensitive about everything. I have a female friend who used to suffer from very serious PMS. The doctor gave her medicines to control her hormonal imbalance. Do men need to suffer PMS? The answer is absolutely no. Women get pregnant, deliver and nurse babies, which are natural. Pregnancy takes a long time waiting during which women become fatter than before, this symptom is edema. If she can’t get rid of the edema, she would keep this edema for long times. Another issue is during pregnancy, doctor will recommend women eat the food with lots of Calcium. When the fetus is growing, it needs lots of Calcium which the...
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