Being A Man Analysis

Topics: Jonathan Swift, Satire, A Modest Proposal Pages: 4 (1247 words) Published: March 26, 2014
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Jonathan Swift, according to the Norton Reader, was born in 1667 and passed away in 1745. He was born in Ireland to parents of the English heritage and studied at Trinity College in Dublin. After graduating from college he moved to London where he began to get more involved in literacy and politics. It was in London where he launched off his career and become an “Anglo-Irish poet, satirist, and cleric” (1164). Also in the textbook, the editors explain that over the years, Swift supported different political groups and would write and distribute works to help support these parties. Later on after receiving a master’s degree at Oxford University, he was appointed dean at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin (1164). He is well-known for how he attacked the practice of extremism and anyone who was anti-Irish through his stories. He wrote several stories, some of them including, “A Modest Proposal” and Gulliver’s Travels being his most famous (1164). Barbara Bengels wrote an analysis on Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” and mostly discusses how the use of clothing helps drive Swift’s purpose to his readers. She points out that by the reoccurring referencing to clothing Swift is capable of exploiting Ireland’s unstable economy and government along with bringing up the social issue on poverty and the financial burden that children can have on a family. Through the use of several different sources, including other works by Jonathan Swift, Bengels is able to support her view on the topic and shows that Swift has attempted to use clothing as an extended metaphor to these social matters and able to use it to its fullest potential in this proposal. The cover should have two distinct parts: information about the author and reflection over your work for this essay.

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