Being a Good Role Model to Children

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  • Published : January 21, 2013
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Being responsible/Tidy resources
I think I am good at being a positive role model because at the end of the day I help the teacher clear away and tidy the classroom. The teacher does not ask me to do this I do to help the teacher and this shows responsible behaviour. Hopefully this will teach the children responsibility as they will copy my actions, so I will be setting a good example.

By respecting the children hopefully they will respect me back; this will help towards effective communication. To show respect to the children I have remembered all of their names and show a positive attitude towards them. I do this by taking an interest in their hobbies and likes so I can talk to the children about them. I am always polite towards them hopefully they will copy this behaviour so that they will also show respect towards others. When handing out worksheets I always show good manners which is a sign of respect and they children mimic this. a child in my setting has hearing difficulties therefore when I am speaking to this I child make more hand gestures then I normally would and I move my mouth slower so he can see what it is I am saying. This is respecting the childs indivdual needs because I am adapting my behaviour to make the child feel as he/she fits in and knows he/she is not different. When a child is behaving in the appropriate way, you should give them positive feedback. For example, ‘Wow, you are playing so nicely”. This is praising them by doing this you are encouraging them to keep doing what you have praised them for. Then will then repeat this postive behaviour as they liked to be prasied. Other children in the setting will copy the child as they want to also earn prasie. This is setting a good example for all of the children and teaching them how to behave in the correct manner.
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